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Sponsoring in Slovenia


Slovenia is different, I told you that already.
Another example is the issue of sponsorships.
Again, as with CRM, or print advertising, or many other areas, sponsoring does not make economic sense.
But again, it does, just the metrics is not standard.
The standard view accounts for sales and sales are mostly dependent on customers. Hence, sponsorship makes sense if it engages customers.
Not so in Slovenia. In Slovenia the key to sales is access to the very few distribution channels available, and these are controlled by people. If sponsorhip gives you a ticket to entice these people, then access to distribution channels can be gained and consequently sales improve.
Sponsorhip is about decision makers. Actually the biggest business abroad is also about an elite of decision makers.
In a strange twist the prevalence of companies in Slovenia are SMB, yet most behave as if they were huge enterprises. Which again, is another argument why Slovenia is fit for nurturing global niche winners.

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