Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy



Red, what else,
they burn in love,
in heartfelt pain,
unsung refrain.

If fate will hide,
its sun in clouds,
your face in tears,
will I survive?

The town is ripe,
with kisses soft,
hands holding light,
baloons in flight.

The mounts beyond,
they catch my soul,
enstoned up north,
where doves don’t cry.

Art grew within,
with lives in sync,
no chance is true,
once I see you.

The flow is born,
I knick it here,
I knack it there,
and still it plays.

The strenght is on,
it’s growing pulse,
will it retake,
my pillar’s stand.

Who are you girl,
you musing nymph,
to play my heart,
to such deep tunes?

You are the rose,
the lovely star,
you just shine on,
turn on your fire.

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