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Personal numerology


I do have my own numerology, one constructed on my own, without direct sourcing from the existing numerological systems. However, I cannot deny influences that existing systems have exuberated on me, be it through their direct naratives, or via indirect culturaly driven impulses.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

0 – zero, nil, also love from the tennis counting system. Zero is the first realisation, tough one of nothing, it still is. Also the Holy spirit. Zero is the sideview of one.

1 – one, unity, completeness. One’s relationship to zero defines a unit, a measure, a bit that is either one, on, or off, love. Also Jesus, the imperative step from 0 to ∞, the angel supreme.

2 – a pair, also despair, a division of unity into duality, the devil, the first cut, both the good and the bad, the opposites.

3 – triplicity from duplicty, observe the shape, a bossom, a triangle, dynamics and stability combined.

4 – the cross, the square, the four sides of the Earth, stability, the four Evangelists, the four riders of the Apocalipse.

5 – Mary the Virgin, the pentagram, King Solomon’s star, number of fingers on one hand, beauty, feminine.

6 – King David’s star, the stars of the Slovenian flag, the first finger on the other hand, the one sticking out, a symbol of exertion, a laser in form, sex, the troublemaker

7 – lucky, fairytale princess number, the sins and the virtues, magical

8 – infinity ∞ in disguise, the meeting of two zeros, the human cardivascular system, the duality joined in unity to create eternity, the Chinese lucky number. Also God.

9 – the unlucky one, the no-no number, also the number of the snow, the sister to the six yet absorbing instead of exerting, a step away from the profane completeness.

10 – the profane completeness, the number of fingers, also the toes, not very interesting, maybe as the decimation principle, yet that is also profane, the expected and alas boring.

11 – heaven. The wonderfully joyful one. In between the profane and the real completeness. Great company, yet not grown up, not mature.

12 – the real completeness, the number of months, the number of the Apostles, the knights of the round table of King Arthur, complete yet disturbing, as life itself.

13 – the renegade, the one that causes trouble, yet the beautiful, Jacques Molay with his unhappy Friday the 13th, the number that falls apart inevitably.

14 – blond. Don’t know why. But blond. Two sevens combined. Blond.

15 – that of love. A wonderful and happy number. Free. Beyond words.

16 – serious. The responsible brother of the six, in debt to all the sons of two.

17 – has qualities of 15, yet not completely. Seems frivolous, yet is constrained within.

18 – a strong and proud number, like a very powerful woman, holds a lot within

19 – an outsider, not an important number, a stranger almost not worth mentioning

20 – rounded. Holds the worlds together. A visionary. Underappreciated.

26 – the number of Plečnik, the solution to the drama of 13, a number of wisdom

36 – need I mention it’s the square of 6? Bad. Ass.

40 – the days of temptation, an era, a test, half way to the truth

42 – the answer to everything in life, according to Douglas Adams

60 – buckminsterfullerene, the soccer ball, the twelve pentagrams and twenty hexagrams combined into a sphere

61,62 – the siblings of the golden ratio, carriers of light

70 – the year when the Temple was ruined for the third and the last time

72 – the number of octaves that a human body can play when viewed as an oscillating body composed of 2^72 molecules, the number of letters in the longest name of God in the Bible

80 – the truth itself

137 – the most important number in the Universe. The constant of the fine structure arrived at by dividing the three fundamental physical numbers, the speed of light, the charge of the electron and Planck’s constant. The height of Keops pyramid, the number that brought Pauli the physicist and Jung the psychologist together, the holy number of Kabbalah, need I say more? Very personal.

161,162 – the mirror image of the golden ratio syblings

216 – 6 to the cube, need I say more?

613 – the number of requirements a Jew has to respect according to the Torah, the number of seeds in a pomegranate

616 – the hidden sybling of the better known number of the beast

618 – golden ratio, purity

622 – the year of the prophet Muhammad’s revelation

1307 – Jacques de Molay’s arrest on Friday 13th October

1314 – Molay’s and Templar’s exection

1616 – the year when Shakespeare and Cervantes died, both on April 23


Now, the list as subjective as it is is far from complete. It is also heavily related to symbols of non-numeric nature, be it letter, events, people, concepts, ideas. It is the broth within which my mind is being cooked, without direct regards to what I contribute to the world. It just is.

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