Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

On truth


Truth is elusive,
never conclusive,
always revealing,
yet also concealing,
protecting, caressing,
endlessly blessing,
forgiving, yet never forgetting,
sincerely opaque,
transparent, yet vague,
united, diverse,
unspoken, unseen,
unheard, unobserved,
yet felt, with no end,
the greatest of strengths,
the mightiest friends,
the biggest of worlds,
the smallest of words,
the I and the U,
the love in between,
the joy, the belief,
the sorrow, the grief,
the beauty, the beast,
the scary and meek,
the brave and the weak,
eternally dance,
weaving the braids,
of time and delay,
of will and dismay,
hooray, hooray.

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