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New Job


Here’s to my new job. I just became marketing manager in Nil.

Here are the resons why I took on the challenge:

– international marketing, haven’t done it yet, want to, a lot

– strong company, a great basis for big steps forward, loads of untapped potential

– knowledge driven, I don’t know for sure, but looks like all the smartest people in Slovenia come to work for this company. Did I mention that their main prophet and genius is still in the company 🙂 And the smartness here is not smartass-edness, see next point

– culture of humility, respect and openness, people here are direct, humorous, happy, and don’t give a lot about status

– the company is sort of like me, geekish on the inside, and a bit glitzy on the outside. So here’s my identification already.

Overall it seems like a huge springboard. Huge is a word too small for the size of this opportunity. And I wonder if this will hold true for me. I wonder if the feelings I have at this moment are right. If they are, this will be simply amazing.

Dear readers, if you want to check me out, come. An Illy is on me. I promise.

One more info. I will be moving this blog to in a short while. See you there soon.



  1. Čestitke in veliko uspeha pri novih izzivih! 😉

  2. Maja, hja, za koordinate bi pa vseeno prosil 😉 G

  3. Pozdravljen novi sosed 🙂 Srečno z novimi izzivi!

  4. Oo, nisem vedela! Sem pa zdaj toliko bolj ponosna!

  5. Bravo Gregor in zmagovalno naprej! Upam, da tudi jaz kmalu spišem kaj podobnega 🙂 Za tale Illy te pa primem na besedi, čeprav je nekako žoga na moji strani 😉 , bi bil že čas.

    no, pa srečnega in zdravega!

  6. Hvala Alja, a si vedela, da redno spremljam Odklope? Lp, Gregor

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