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Time to write


It took me a long time. However I’m back. Let’s see how long this new writing streak of mine will last.

A few notes.

Yes, I still don’t analyze the traffic of my blog. There is a cookie warning at the entry to my blog, courtesy of @nmusar and handily provided by @had. I am a bit romantic in this aspect. I am not romantic in busines though. There are several cases wherein extensive data analysis helped my customers to gain important advantage in their respective businesses.

Furthermore, I am still hosted at @had’s server. I owe you a lunch, at least. Eventually, I have a cool project, maybe you and your DeLuxe friends could do it. We’ll talk.

I am working on more projects on an ongoing basis currently. Marand is one, Argeta is two, Simbioza is three, IEV is four, there’s another one. How do I cope? I cope.

What else?

I am currently very excited by several things. As always. Normally. Sometimes I am not excited at all, but I’d rather not talk about that. Maybe over coffee.

I still ski, I still play badminton regularly, I still haven’t started kitesurfing. Need to settle that in the next year. Or not.

As said, I’ll be back here soon.

And yes, there are quite a few coffees that need to take place. Or lunches. Or else 😉


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