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The Big One


There are two ways to progress. The slow process, and the leap.

The former is like cooking a frog, you raise the temperature slowly, and the frog will not notice when it gets cooked. The latter is also called a moonshot. You simply jump over all evolutionary stages, turn the system upside down and create something completely new.

I like the leap more, yet the slow-cooking process provides more security.

Anyhow, let’s ignore the slow-cooking and focus on the leap. What needs to be done to achieve it.

It’s both very simple and extremely complicated. On the simple side you just need a dream and the belief that it could be done.

One such example: We will create a system that will replace money as we know it today. That’s a big one, right?

I will go into this very idea within a project I’m currently involved with. How? Simply by the dream and the belief.

And now fort the extremely complicated part. It takes a tremendous amount of work, ability to enthuse followers, and a long long road ahead. Is it worth it?

It depends on what you value and how you cope with it. Could you cope with it?

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