Gregor Cuzak

on marketing, business and philosophy

Stations of love


Uploaded to stations,
the stations of love,
your soul is enticing,
enticing with glow.

You see there is heaven,
you know there is hell,
abiding your nuisance,
avoding trash, swell.

What I seek is a moment,
you want to keep nests,
I need to break through,
you let me, but blue.

Red is that of passion,
pink is that of lust,
green is of growth,
and blue is of home.

Goals are for addicts,
sex is for birds,
hugs are for trees,
and kisses for lips.

Balm with me you’ soul,
vines o’er you’ dome,
eternal is breath,
and solid thy blood.

You are such a bliss,
of wonders of Earth,
then there is Sahara,
places of dirt.

Look baby, your eyes,
like oysters of doubt,
like gold over floods,
like wisdom of Mars.

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