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The other day I showed one of my previous posts to Vuk. His comment: your writing is full of ideas, yet mostly they are not driven to completion. A lot of spermatozoids looking for some fertile eggs.


Most of my posts come out as an urge. I simply feel I have to write something. It’s not rare that wordpress is open already before I get the idea for the text. More often than not, my ideas fight each other in order to get more exposed in the writing. My editing is often too democratic, ideas crawl around, very few go for the home-run.


My blogging is like jerking. When I get the urge to do it, I just do it. Instead of jerking off, I open this iPad and ejaculate whatever comes out of me. When on page, I rarely rearange, even more rarely I delete a sentence or two, and close to never do I rewrite texts to tell my ideas better.


It makes sense. The purpose of my writting is my self expression. The reader and his satisfaction is only secondary. This is also why I stopped using analytics, because I actually don’t want to know how many readers I have. Furthermore, my posts don’t get promoted, I don’t push them around social networks, I don’t obey any rules about successful blogging.


I do care. I do like people responding. I love to see people commenting, albeit most comments are now given to me in offline ocassions. If people see any use in any of my posts, I do want to share.

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