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Role of God


It’s a rare occasion for me to speak about God. But sometimes, it’s time. The time is now. First, I believe in God, just to let you know upfront. Even more so, my religion is Roman Catholic.

I wasn’t a believer until my 23rd year. But then I met Tone Gnidovec, then in Cerklje, where I was serving the obligatory military term. Tone introduced me to the bible. We discussed tough topics, even paedophilia, the riches of the Church, the passive and even active support of the collaboration. I realised the belief is not based on an ideal institution, far from it. It is based on my internal desire and commitment to love. That is to the values of freedom, hope and love.

I respect all religions and non-religions. I respect all people. I respect the good and the bad, the nice and the nasty. I love science. I trust it, however I also uphold a mirror of doubt to science.

Science is based on the belief of the scientific method, that is of questioning reality by experiment and always subjecting the theory to the findings of the experiment, the ultimate truth bringer. Yet we forget that the experiment, of whichever sort, even purely abstract thought experiment is based on a framework of thought. One of the tenets of this framework is that there exists a set of inalienable truths. One such truth is that of causality, another is that of locality. To be less abstract, we believe that one plus one equals two. Well, it only does if we agree that it does.

Take a buble, add a buble. How many bubbles do you get?

Take a rope with a know, add another rope with a knot, tie them together, how many knots do you now have?

Take a man and a women in a room, bed or no bed, wait for 9 months, how many man and how many women do you have then?

It depends.

It all depends.

God for me is love. He or It, is a principle of the stance I have towards the world, to me, to other people. God also is a lesson to always be ready for something or somebody to admit superiority too. God is a symbol of submission. I submit to God. I submit to Love.

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