Gregor Cuzak

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I’ve onboarded a rocket. Unknowingly, because I though I was in a howitzer. Two years ago I came on board of this company that seemed on the way down. Well, not actually on the way down, but not on the way up either. Stuck.


I was stuck. And then the howitzer started rumbling, moving, shaking and in a year’s time I realised that not only was this a rocket, but one launched already.

I was not sure whether colleagueas of mine saw it as such, but having seen a collection of companies from inside I did have the impression about what was going on.

And now the rocket is accelerating. It’s going faster and faster and in no time we’ll be in the stratosphere. Just wait. Actually, no need to wait anymore, we’re going ballistic at this very moment. Just give us a glance and you’ll see it too.

Even funnier than that, there are other rockets climbing to the sky at this very moment too. Amazing and unbelievable.

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