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Play it again Sam


Screenshot of the title screen of the trailer.

Casablanca has a very famous ending. It basically is about a farewell that actually is rephrased to become a start of a very long friendship. The same thing happens when you leave a job, a wife, a life. It can be rephrased.

One such rephrasing happened not so long ago when I came to talk to the great ladies at Smetumet about my Woodster Bike. Smetumet is a company dedicated to recycling, reuse, refurbishing, very much about one third of what I see our bike to be. When we came to discuss the non-leather seats on our bikes one of the ladies, Maja, said that it’s even better that they’re not made of leather, because it means they’re vegan. Vegan seats, imagine that 🙂

Today I finished my work a Marand. A great Slovenian company, hopefully a juggernaut on a global scale in the next few years. Two and a half years ago I said to a few friends that Marand is in a lift off mode. Not visible to the outside world at that time is not becoming more and more obvious, Marand’s is emerging as the commanding company for the truly masterful management of structured health data. Is that important? Yes, it’s super important and super-not-available in modern health IT systems. And it appears it’s in super-demand, or soon to be.

What now?

Play it again, Gregor.

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