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think hard

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think hard

What would you, marketing director, do if you were not allowed to make ads?

It happens that this was the exact question I gave at the 50th edition of the very successful Marketing fokus, organised by DMS and Finance.

People in the room, marketing people were not at ease, visibly. What on Earth would you do in marketing then?

Dear marketing people, what does your sales department do? Actually, what does your company do?

*thinking break*

Is your company’s core product an advertisment? Unless you’re an ad agency, it is not! So, does this say anything?

*another thinking break*

Your task is to satisfy needs of your customers in order to satisfy needs of your company and the needs of your life. Your task is to have the perspective of your customer. Your task is to get to know him, to think like him, to feel like him. Or her.

Then go back to you company. How well do you know your products? Are they valuable? Do they fill an actual need of your customers?

Now go ahead, meet your colleagues who make these products. Do you know them? What makes them tick? How are they today? Are they enthusiastic? Do they feel accomplished?

Don’t stop yet. Talk to your suppliers. Talk to your distributing partners. Talk to your landlord. Talk to the janitor.

Last but not least, au contraire, at most, face the mirror. Who are you? Never stop asking this question.

Now you’re ready to start working in marketing. Start talking, open up a dialogue. Listen, listen, talk, listen.

No ads. Precious dialogue.

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