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LinkedIn was a waste of my time


I deleted my account from LinkedIn almost two years ago. Primarily because I never saw the balance of my effort with nurturing the network being paid off via benefits that such a network is supposed to give.
Furthermore, the only real network I believe in is the physical/real network of friendships, acquaintances, colleagues which, by my experience is vastly supreme to anything virtual. I’m not saying people should not use LIn, many see great gains through it and I commend them for it. But not me.

I just love the analog.


    • Ga praktično ne uporabljam. Sem gor, vendar skorajda ne potrdim nikogar, obenem sem si izklopil vse notificatione. Rabim pa ga, ker je koristen kot orodje za prijavo na različne spletne strani ali appe, ter ima tudi dober messenger.

  1. It finally happened.
    Frankly said I agree with you. Iam fed up with virtuality too. Yesterday I’ve deleted my FB account, today I will do the same with LinkedIn. I haven’t decided yet about my email. But Iam sure about it that I won’t “talk” by email with anybody I don’t at least once per month.

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