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G33k vs. Pixar


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This post is in English, normally I write in Slovenian. The reason is that I want to test drive Zemanta plugin on my Chrome browser. I am using WordPress and with this test I want to see how good Zemanta is these days. This test follows my first day together with the Zemanta team in Ljubljana, so this is fresh.

It is a story from our lunch today. One of the Z guys, they call him Pancho, or Pančo, as he would like to be known ;-), shot out an interesting remark over lunch. He said that Pixar is crap. Ouch! That hurt. Pixar movies make me cry sometimes, so I protested immediately. Actually to make it perfectly transparent, Toy Story 3 made me cry just a couple of weeks ago while watching it in Planet Tuš Koper.

Pancho reconfirmed his assertion upon my protest. I asked him for his argumentation. In the nutshell he said Pixar’s toons are by far not as technically advanced as he knows it to be possible. His referential toon was Final Fantasy, of which I don’t really remember the name of the episode.

Fine. Now I said that to me Pixar’s toons are a prime example of a wonderful product, meaning that its foremost goal is to tell a story, and do that in a way that is entertaining and gripping. I am far less interested in specifics, however attention to all kinds of detail is a necessity. Simply put, I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for affection.

Nevertheless I respect Pancho’s view. He is an expert in anime and has his own criteria. His taste is different, and I have no right to wrangle it. All I request is that he respects my view the same way I respect his. Even more so, I am actually very happy to know that a mainstream praise of something such as Pixar’s movies does not mean that these products are beyond critique. They should be scrutinized, people should have opinions, they should not like something just because others like it too. Just like a heart can’t be forced to love someone, so it is with minds, a mind should not be confined to single mindedness.

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  1. Starship Troopers has Denise Richards as commander in chief, big bugs and Jake Busey, even more stupid as usually. Sure is far more realistic, it s space bugs invasion, dude!!! 🙂

  2. Final Fantasy is crap, because Starship Troopers looks by far oh so much more realistic?? C.C FF wasn’t animation, boys.

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