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Charles Handy’s shamrock organisation predicts that it’s possible to outsource everything, to have a de facto virtual company, lest one thing.

The knot that ties the shamrock together is decision making ability. There has to be judging that decides what goes and what doesn’t.

I say judging and decision making ability, not judge nor decision maker. In politics, in particular, it seems as if decisions come out of an invisible entity. This effect is more often than not attributed to a forceful yet hidden persona, the grey emminence. Sometimes such decisions are also subscribed to secretive entities, such as the Freemasons or Opus dei, etc. 

However I claim that decision making is hologramic in nature. It means that parts of decision are being taken by different and seemingly independent people, who nevertheless produce a wonderfully coherent solution in the end.

How come? Why is the coherence coming from chaos?

Herein I have to claim that such decisions are possible because the Universe is not what science claims it is today. The Universe is a hologram. Alas the seemingly unconnected events (decisions) are not just connected but part of the same reality.

The thought of a hologramic Universe is mindblowing, because it reinstates a lot of what science has been actively fighting against. Science wants to understand wholes by analysing parts. It does not work that way. Proof? Proofs!

First. Nothing travels faster than light. False. Why do we have instantaneous decoherence of coupled particles over long distances? Definitely not through speed of light.

Second. Einstein’s general relativity theory is false. The shattering evidence for this is Mr. Franc Rozman’s essay on the spectral lines of sun eruptions. Even more so, the very proof of GTR, the bending of light during the sun eclipse of 1922 was misinterpreted, gravely.

Third. Second law of thermodynamics is wrong. If it were true there would be only chaos. But it’s not. We have order. Actually, we have a magical equlibrium of chaos and order. We have life.

Back to Handy. The shamrock organisation predicts a center as the decision making entity, surrounded by orbitals of different functions. To me this is the very atomistic model. In the middle there’s the core, the kernel, the heart, the subjective decision maker. To become complete the core needs the body. The body in the atomistic model are the electron orbitals. With completion the atom becomes objective. An object.

In a hologram Universe decisions are made according to an overarching intelligence that connects us all. Heretic? Yes.

Now tell me who’s the church today? And who are the believers?

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